Lefkadia Valley is a wine region with different soils, heights, and microclimates. We are not trying to unify the terroir and make wine in the same style. On the contrary, we try to express variety. That is why there are several different brands of wine in the Valley, each has its own character and special approach.
Everyone can find a wine to their taste — the main thing is to choose the right direction. Today there are two of them: small farms and brands of a communal winery.
First of all, this is individuality. One idea, one vineyard, one face. The same varieties can have a completely different characters. Why? The answer is simple — terroir and its reflection in wine is the main task of the winemaker. We recommend that you learn about the philosophy of each to understand which is closer to you.
Created to prove that Russian wines are interested in a global market. Sauk-Dere is a new interpretation of the historical terroir from the young team of Lefkadia. Amfitrion — warm, open, sunny wines, inspired by relaxed, friendly communication in a home atmosphere. Likuria is the result of a symbiosis of the strict French approach in the Russian Caucasus, open-minded in experimentation, meeting of cultures, selections, and nations.
Communal brands