Tourism in the Valley

Most projects in Lefkadia Valley are open to visitors. Here you can see our vineyards among oaks and plane trees, lavender and wheat fields. You can feel the terroir and, of course, taste our wines from the moment of their birth until maturity. Come visit us throughout the year.
"The best way to understand the style of Lefkadia Valley wines and our philosophy is to visit us. We have nothing to hide, you can get to the vineyards and the cellars, we will show you all the processes, explain all the features of viticulture and winemaking, and, of course, you can try out the results of our efforts. And this is not only wine, but it is also farm products, and gastronomy in our restaurants, and the territory of the Valley itself, where we carefully and gently cherish the balance of nature and man. Welcome!"
M. I. Nikolaev
The lands on the Russian Black Sea coast have 2500 years of viticultural history. The museum has a unique, for Russia, collection of wine exhibits from all over the world: ancient amphorae from the Bosporan kingdom, vintage bottles, fancy corkscrews, and ritual goblets. Our guides will tell you about the history of wine in Russia clearly and happily.
For travelers, there is a pedestrian audio guide on the recreated ancient Greek Agora market square. Statues, fountains, and fabulous decorations will suddenly speak and tell you their amazing legends and interesting stories about the Bosporan kingdom, history of winemaking, and ancient traditions. With it you are not tied to the guide, the group, and have no time limits, so you can explore the square, enjoy a glass of wine from the Valley, and find yourself in the ancient greek past of our land. New audio tours appear every season.
One of the virtues of Lefkadia Valleys' terroir is the difference in soils, temperatures, varieties, and approaches. It is possible to make wines in a variety of styles. And the best way to understand the approaches of different farms in the valley is a tasting right in the vineyard or winery, where you will see all stages of the birth of wine from harvesting grapes to bottling, and then taste our wines and learn the secrets of each of them.
We have put a lot of effort into designing our tourist destinations and make them accessible for the whole family. Car movement is restricted and 24 hours video surveillance. Children have access to an open and closed playground, masterclasses, and a kid-friendly menu. The museum also offers an opportunity for everyone to learn about the history and the culture of the wine.
Lefkadia Valley is not only vineyards, cellars, and organic farms. Our territory has a large number of natural and human-made sights, which will take more than one day to explore. Here everyone will find a path.
The best view of the endless vineyards of Lefkadia Valley is from the top of the Winehouse tower. You will see how the rows of vines change their direction depending on the slope and the sun location, pay attention to the height difference from 140 to 240 meters above sea level, and you will understand how it is possible to make elegant sparkling, rich red, and even ice wines.
The only private Winemaking Museum in Russia. The collection contains exhibits from the history of winemaking and wine consumption, starting from anсient time of the Bosporan Kingdom, which ruled these lands, and ending in the 19th century. Unique pithos, amphorae, luterium, grafting machine, press, humpbacks, chimes, kitchen utensils, corkscrews, sommelier bowls, oinohoyi, kilikas, rhytons, engineer Dorn’s distiller, and many others, will show the period from the 6th century BC to the beginning of the 20th century.
The traditions and culture of the Bosporan Kingdom are embodied in Lefkadia Valley in the recreated Agora market square, in the park with fountains, in the sculptural ensemble, and other details revealing the history of ancient Greek rulers, such as King Mithridates, and the ancient history of viticulture and winemaking in this region. You can explore it while walking through the Agora with an audio guide.
A classic garden inspired by the period of European Rennesanse and is a place full of romance and elegance suited for unforgettable events.
The beautiful nature of the Valley, lots of sunny days, and cool nights combined with authentic cuisine and wine — all combine to make for an ideal wedding destination. In restaurants or vineyards, your celebration will be a vivid memory for the whole family.
On the shores of Lake Gechepsin, there is a white-stone rotunda — this is the temple of the Greek goddess Vesta, the patroness of the hearth. The perfect place for a wedding and the story of a new family beginning. Traditionally, with the formation of a new family appearance, the hearth was lightened, so comfort, warmth, and prosperity always reigned in the house. Fire is a symbol of happy family life, it is passed from the parent’s family to the newlyweds. In the Temple of Vesta, you can perform your family’s hearth lighting ceremony.
Lefkadia Valley is stunning nature and interesting locations. French gardens, an ancient Greek square, a picturesque lake with a man-made island, and endless rows of vineyards. Here is the place for the perfect picture.
A small guest house suited for agrotourists is located in the middle of Moldovanskoe village. Its interior combines a minimalist Tuscan-style decor, natural materials, and the highest level of comfort. 11 cozy rooms are perfect for individual travelers who are in love with wine, as well as for a family or a group of friends. This is an amazing place for a peaceful and relaxing holiday surrounded by village life.

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There are many producers in the valley, each with a unique character and approach.
The difference in microclimates, soils, heights, and slopes results in a large selection of varieties — today there are 23 of them.