Lefkadia Valley is also a gastronomic destination. Several restaurants are open throughout the year — our first, the "Amphorae", the pizzeria and the open-air Temelion bar are just some highlights. We know that everything tastes better with wine.
"Wine is not just a drink. This is culture, history, and creativity. It is also part of the gastronomy world. For a better understanding of our terroir and wine stylistics of Lefkadia Valley, we offer to try them in our restaurants. Classic combinations and pure modern, local products and seasonality, spectacular presentation and pure flavors — each wine here will meet its perfect pair".
M. I. Nikolaev
Restaurant with a focus on fresh, organic food. The concept bases on the philosophy of "slow food". Fruits and vegetables grow on organic farms right in Lefkadia Valley. And the restaurant has a small garden with greenery and herbs, which are actively used in the kitchen. The menu constantly updates depending on the season, for each meal you can find the perfect wine accompaniment, whether it be white, red, rose, or even sweet or sparkling wine. Terroir unites.
At the border of the Agora shopping square, there is our pizzeria, equipped with a genuine Pompeian wood-burning oven. Here we cook the authentic Italian pizza by classic canons. Quality is the responsibility of our pizza chef, who was trained by Italian master Paolo Boccolini. Traditionally, in its homeland, pizza is often combined with simple red wines. We have a great substitute for them in the Valley — fresh, light red wines, rich white wines, and long-aged sparkling wines make an excellent pair. You can check the combination on-site or in the summer yard, which is open during the warm season, or you can order it to take away.
You can go somewhere private and use the French Garden for it. Endless greenery, slender rows of vineyards, wine barrels, and lamps with soft light create a cozy and romantic atmosphere. Exquisite table setting and the best enogastronomic couples will make your evening unforgettable, and the wine will tune in the right way.
Temelion BAR
Lefkadia Valley is not in Champagne, but here sparkling wines are made using its traditional method. You can taste them in our Champagne bar with a view of the Agora square. Here you will learn about the difference between the classical method and the technology of Cuvee Close, about the influence of long aging on the wine character, about all the features of the sparkling terroir; and you can taste the wines of several estates at once, choosing your favorites. And don’t forget the gastronomic combinations, Lefkadia Valley cheeses are perfect for our sparklings.
Lefkadia Valley is one of the most beautiful places in the Krasnodar region. The purest lake Gechepsin, lavender fields, truffle groves, endless vineyards. And it’s all open to the public. You can book a guided tour, tasting, or organize your event, both private and corporate.

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There are many producers in the valley, each with a unique character and approach.
The difference in microclimates, soils, heights, and slopes results in a large selection of varieties — today there are 23 of them.