Lefkadia Valley is not just about wine. It is an entire ecosystem of fields, meadows, pine forests and oak groves. Favorable natural conditions and a sustainable approach to farming lead to great local honey, sunflower seed oil, unpasteurized cheeses and healthy sausages which go beautifully with local wine.
Our hilly lands are favored by sheep and goats. They provide part of the life-giving compost. But most importantly they allow us to work with another product of fermentation — cheese. Lefkadia Valley produces classic pasteurized and unpasteurized cheeses — white and blue, young and aged. The production is small and is affected by the seasons so they are best consumed right on our farmside restaurant. And for every cheese we will find the right pairing — sparkling Chardonnay, off-dry Riesling or aged sweet Petit Manseng.
For the production of our sunflower oil, only organic seeds of high-oleic sunflower are used. It’s a special seed variety that contains a record concentration of amino acids (even higher than olive oil). We cold-press our sunflower seeds in a process similar to extra virgin olive oil production. No filtration or refining. The result is an extremely intense, rich, and vibrant oil — a true reflection of our approach to products. Production is limited.
There are several organic farms in Lefkadia Valley with vegetables and herbs, as well as lavender fields; two types of honey are collected with an apiary; own production of bread with fermented yeast; sausages production. Any wine can be combined with such a range of products.
The place of origin is the main factor that influences the taste and quality. All our wines, cheeses, and other products convey the potential of Lefkadia Valley terrain, features of each of its slopes, plains, and hills. We’re not trying to erase all the differences and make a unified product, on the contrary, we try to emphasize the features and characteristics of each plot.
Lefkadia Valley is not just a business for us. This is passion, love for the land, and a desire to prove to everyone that there are excellent wines in Russia. This is the story of our family — the story of already two generations of the Nikolaevs in the Valley. We are responsible for the quality of each product by our name.
Everything we do, we do for ourselves and our family. These are environmentally friendly, carefully made products that you can vouch for. We use a manual, artisan approach. We are not interested in huge circulations and super-profits.
Our team strives to accept and apply the most up-to-date global knowledge in the field of viticulture and winemaking. For this, we work with experienced international consultants. But we do not forget about our own experience, working with a young dedicated, and enthusiastic Russian team with their own views, desires, and ideas.
We work only with Russian grapes, we keep the artisan approach, do not cut corners on equipment, and we use only the best means for cultivating vineyards. And we guarantee that you can trust any product ever made in the Valley. We are not in pursuit of extra profits, our task is to make wine of excellent quality, which matches its price.
"Our mission is simple. We want to show everyone that great wines can be born in Russia, comparable to world classics and bright wines for every day, and even unique varieties and assemblages. We are lucky — we work on the terroirs of the Lefkadia Valley, where all this is possible. The main thing is to treat the earth with love, to save a careful approach, and not to lose faith. Our wines are already achieving high marks in Russia and worldwide, and this is just a beginning".
M. M. Nikolaev
Managing partner

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There are many producers in the valley, each with a unique character and approach.
The difference in microclimates, soils, heights, and slopes results in a large selection of varieties — today there are 23 of them.