Questions about tourism

What is Lefkadia?
Lefkadia is a wine-making region, a protected designation of origin of wines.
Is it possible to visit / walk through Lefkadia Valley without purchasing tours and tastings?
Yes, of course. We have a walking and hiking area.

On the territory of the walking area, there is Agora square (a recreated ancient Greek square), the pond with koi carps, Amphora restaurant, vinoteque, the observation deck, vineyards near the restaurant, the playground, and the French garden.

A visit of the Lefkadia Valley (vineyards, plane tree alleys, lavender fields, Lake Gechepsin, Bridge of Longevity) is part of the excursion routes.
Where are you? How do I get to Lefkadia Valley?
We locate in Krasnodar Region, Stepnyaya str. 1D, v. Moldovanskoe, Crimean District.

You can get to us by private transport or by taxi. You can find detailed routes in the "Contacts" section.

Also, from Sochi to Krimsk goes the Lastochka train, and from Krimsk you can go via Yandex.Taxi.
What excursions and tastings do you have in the Valley? What do they include?
All types of excursions and tastings are presented on the website in the "Tourism" section. Guided tours are available daily by prior reservation.

For details, please call: +7 (962) 860-70-43
Do you have a hotel? How far from the Valley is it?
We offer our guests accommodation in a small guest house "Hermes". It has 11 rooms of various categories and is located opposite the winery, close to the Lefkadia Valley tourist complex (approximately 1.1 km).

Guest house "Hermes" booking: +7 (960) 475-34-57
Are pets allowed?
No, unfortunately, it is better to leave little friends at home. Accommodation in the Guest House with pets is not possible, and in the Valley area, there are several security dogs.
Can a wedding be arranged in the Valley?
Yes, sure. We are happy to provide you with the locations of Lefkadia Valley for your wedding.

For details, please call: +7 (918) 455-85-16 (Olga)
Is filming permitted in Lefkadia Valley?
On the territory of Lefkadia Valley, free filming on a mobile phone is allowed.

Rental locations for wedding photo shoots and other shootings, made with professional equipment, are paid according to the price list.
How can I see the lavender fields?
Every year during the period of lavender bloom, we organize the lavender tour.

Follow the news on our Instagram account, we always announce a lavender tour and other interesting events.
Can I come to you for an internship / harvest?
We are happy to host volunteers during the harvest season. Specialized education or experience is appreciated.

Write us at with the title topic "Internship at a winery."
Is it possible to buy property / vineyards in Lefkadia Valley?
We will announce real estate projects. Today we offer plots for planting vineyards to create your winery.

If you are interested — write us at with the title topic "Real Estate".

Questions about wine

In which retail networks are the wines of Lefkadia Valley presented?
All points of sale of Lefkadia Valley wines are presented in the "Were to Buy" section.
Can I buy your wines online via your website?
No. The prohibition of the remote sale of alcoholic beverages was established by the Federal Act of 22 November 1995. 171-FZ and the Resolution of the Government of Russian Federation of 27 September 2007. № 612.
With which distributors do you co-operate?
Our main distributors are presented in the "Where to Buy" section.
Are your wines made from your own grapes?
We make most of our wines from our own grapes. However, we also buy grapes from our neighbors in the Valley and friendly farms in the Krasnodar Region.
Are your wines organic?
We started the process of moving to organic vineyards in 2014. We are now operating organically, but have not yet been certified due to the new organic law.
What is the calorie content of your wines?
The calorie content of the wines is indicated on the back label.
Is your wine natural?
Our wines are made of natural grapes, with no additives and low sulfites.
Do you have vegan wine?
Yes, all our wine is vegan-friendly.
Do you have kosher wines?
There are no kosher wines yet, but we hope to present the first samples soon.
Do you add sulfur to wine?
According to Russian law, all wines are officially produced with the addition of sulfur.
Where / how to buy your wines abroad?
Our wines are presented in Japan, Finland, the Benelux countries, Latvia, and the USA.

If you live abroad and want to buy our wines — write us at with the title topic "Buying wine abroad".
I have my liquor store. Whom should I contact to purchase your wines?
For this, please contact our brand ambassadors:

Moscow and St. Petersburg:
Sergey Shumikhin +7 (905) 711-16-13
Yulia Esaulova +7 (925) 100-57-61

Krasnodar region:
Ivan Bogdanov +7 (967) 049-50-86